Pax in darkness

Dysphoria, depression, and decisions

[Image: Pax (pre-transition) stands in semi-darkness in their underwear, in front of closed vertical blinds.] Content note: Discussion of medical issues and suicidal ideation. This morning, I took a hot shower for the first time in five days. The aging water heater in our apartment building … Continue reading
Robot Hugs - Scale of harm

Dear marginalized vegans: You are enough

[Image: Section from a panel of a Robot Hugs comic. Words at the top read "No one benefits from being told that their pain is unimportant, or non existant [sic]!" Below the words is a scale with a lighter weight reading "Not Harm" and a heavier weight reading "Harm."] This post is addressed to … Continue reading
New York Times - Transgender Today

Trans education: Telling our own stories

[Image: Screenshot of the Transgender Today section of the New York Times, featuring images of and quotes from many people, with the headline Transgender Lives: Your Stories] Last week I participated on two panels of trans and non-binary people, educating graduate therapy students in the San … Continue reading