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Religion, atheism, and religious oppression

Mixed-Race and Rootless

Pax at age 10 (summer of 1980), with their hair in two braids and wearing a Bassett Wild Animal Farm T-shirt, sitting in the grass and being happily nibbled on by baby goats.

In today’s post on Medium, “Mixed-Race and Rootless”, I reflect on my Black and white Jewish ancestry and failure to fit in. This is the first part of a series of reflections on last month’s Creating Change Conference.

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Gun Safety Is An Oxymoron

Screenshot from the Internet Archive of a tweet by Daniel Defense, showing a toddler sitting on the floor holding a rifle. The text reads “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it”, with an emoji of hands together in prayer.

Today’s post on Medium, “Gun Safety Is An Oxymoron“, is my response to the latest reported school shooting.

Christians and “Nones”: Action vs Affiliation

Reverend Roland Stringfellow speaks outdoors in San Francisco at a podium displaying the sign “Love is never wrong”, surrounded by other religious leaders. Photo © 2013 Pax Ahimsa Gethen, Funcrunch Photo.

Today’s post on Medium is about the decline of Christianity in the U.S., and why actions matter more than affiliations.

Progressive Catholics, Please Explain Yourselves

Photos of Nancy Pelosi and Salvatore Cordileone with the word “Catholics?” between them.

In the wake of the battle between Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over abortion rights, my post today on Medium asks: “Progressive Catholics, Please Explain Yourselves“.

Don’t Defund, Dismantle.

[Image: Black and white line drawings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, two of many victims of anti-black racism and police violence in the United States. From the Justice For Our Lives portrait series by Oree Originol.]

Today’s post on Medium, “Don’t Defund, Dismantle“, is about radical action to end white supremacy.

Want to Support Queer and Trans People? Fix Your Churches.

[Image: Members of the Coalition of Welcoming Congregations of the Bay Area attend the 2011 San Francisco Pride Parade.]

Today’s post on Medium, “Want to Support Queer and Trans People? Fix Your Churches“, is a response to the latest attack on the rights and dignity of trans people.

Pose: Thoughts on gender, race, and identity

[Image: A performer from AsiaSF poses on the stage of the 2015 San Francisco Trans March.]

Today’s post on Medium, “Pose: Thoughts on gender, race, and identity“, explores memories and feelings I had about those issues after watching the TV series “Pose”. This story is for Medium members only, but non-members get three free stories a month, and my Patreon supporters get access to exclusive links to bypass the paywall.

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