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Breaking Binary Boundaries

Image: Netflix banner for Hannah Gadsby’s Gender Agenda, featuring Polaroid-style headshots of Hannah and the seven other featured comedians: Jes Tom, Asha Ward, Chloe Petts, Krishna Ishtha, Alok, DeAnne Smith, and Dahlia Belle.

In today’s story on Medium, I write about the Trans Day of Visibility and the genderqueer comedy special, Hannah Gadsby’s Gender Agenda.

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The Truth About Trans Women

Image: Lexi Adsit, Mia “Tu Mutch” Satya, Shawn Demmons, and Melanie Ampon (“Nya”) emcee the 2016 Trans Day of Visibility celebration in San Francisco.

In today’s post on Medium, “The Truth About Trans Women”, I counter several common transphobic talking points.

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Cisgender Definitions

Image: Pax gives a presentation on gender identity at a Wikipedia salon alongside host Pete Forsyth, April 2016.

Today’s post on Medium is in response to Twitter CEO Elon Musk declaring cisgender and cis to be “slurs” on that platform.

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A Trans Girl Playing Sports Is Not An “Emergency”

Image description: Composite image of a female “Venus” symbol, soccer ball, and a map of West Virginia.

Today’s post on Medium is my response to the continued attempts to keep trans girls and women from playing women’s sports.

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Trans Athletes and Fairness to Women

Trans advocate Kayley Whalen gives a presentation on trans inclusion in sports, alongside fellow panelists Shaira Chaer, Lex Horwitz, and Jess St. Louis.

In today’s post on Medium, “Trans Athletes and Fairness to Women”, I discuss the participation of trans and cis women in sports. This is the third part of a series of reflections on last month’s Creating Change Conference.

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Attacking Drag Queens Will Not Save Your Children

Drag queen Sheena Rose performs at a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Compton’s Cafeteria Riot. Photo by Pax Ahimsa Gethen, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Today’s post on Medium, “Attacking Drag Queens Will Not Save Your Children“, is my response to the escalation of attacks on drag queens in the U.S.

Christians and “Nones”: Action vs Affiliation

Reverend Roland Stringfellow speaks outdoors in San Francisco at a podium displaying the sign “Love is never wrong”, surrounded by other religious leaders. Photo © 2013 Pax Ahimsa Gethen, Funcrunch Photo.

Today’s post on Medium is about the decline of Christianity in the U.S., and why actions matter more than affiliations.