Ten Years in Transition: Living Up to My Name

Image: Selfie of Pax Ahimsa Gethen, from the shoulders up, wearing a blue tank top and looking up into the camera with a slight smile.

This Wednesday, August 23 marks ten years since I took on the name Pax Ahimsa, which translates to peace and nonviolence. Have I lived up to my name?

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Visibility and Resistance on Wikipedia in Fifteen Photos

Image: Banner image with a black-and-white headshot of Pax, text “Media Contributor of the Year — Pax Ahimsa Gethen — User:Funcrunch”, and stylized graphics of a video camera, framed image, leaves, and flowers.

In celebration of my award as the Wikimedia Foundation Media Contributor of the Year, today’s post on Medium features the stories behind fifteen of the photos I’ve contributed to Wikimedia Commons.

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Honoring the Trans Legacy of San Francisco

Image: San Francisco Mayor London Breed and trans activist Donna Personna raise the trans pride flag outside City Hall, surrounded by guests and photographers on the mayor’s balcony.

In today’s post on Medium, I discuss the significance of Transgender History Month in San Francisco.

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The Truth About Trans Women

Image: Lexi Adsit, Mia “Tu Mutch” Satya, Shawn Demmons, and Melanie Ampon (“Nya”) emcee the 2016 Trans Day of Visibility celebration in San Francisco.

In today’s post on Medium, “The Truth About Trans Women”, I counter several common transphobic talking points.

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American Apartheid

Image: Black and white photo of Walthall House in Newbern, Alabama, with the words “American Apartheid” superimposed.

Today’s story on Medium is about the ongoing racism that keeps Black people as second-class citizens in the USA.

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Agender Awareness

Image: Pax with long wavy black hair and a red T-shirt.

In today’s post on Medium, I share what it means for me to be agender, in recognition of Non-Binary Awareness Week and International Non-Binary People’s Day.

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Frequent Frenching for Fun

Image: Screenshot from Duolingo, with the owl wearing sunglasses and the words “365 day streak!”

In today’s post on Medium, I share my thoughts on studying French for one year on Duolingo.

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