Unpopular opinions

As an activist, I am used to my opinions being unpopular. The amount that I talk about these opinions varies partly based on how directly I am affected by the issue at hand. But part of it also depends on how much I am confronted with the issue on a daily basis, whether or not I am a direct target … Continue reading
Pax at Kaiser Half Marathon

Gendering and subconscious sex

[Image: Pax runs in a road race, wearing a long-sleeved brown T-shirt, black shorts, white cap, orange shoes, and a purple jacket tied around their waist. Photo by myEPevents.] This week, I finally got around to reading Whipping Girl by Julia Serano. This book is considered a classic in gender … Continue reading
Howler monkey in Costa Rica

Monkey business

[Image: A howler monkey swings from a tree branch.] Today's Wikpedia Signpost newsletter featured an article that focused on my particular areas of interest enough that I wanted to blog about it immediately. The animal rights organization PETA has filed a lawsuit to grant the copyright for a … Continue reading
DxE protest at Berkeley Bowl

Where I stand on DxE

[Image: Activists dressed in black stand in a grocery store behind a small coffin, holding flowers and signs reading "We Will Not Forget" and "It's Not Food It's Violence."] The recent controversy surrounding the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere, with allegations of harassment and … Continue reading
We the T

We the T

[Image: Banner reading "We the T! A Matter + Gender 2.0 Collaboration"] I'm happy to announce that I am now an official contributor to the Gender 2.0 collaborative project on Medium. I wrote this week's newsletter for the project, "Our lives, our stories," highlighting some of the stories trans … Continue reading