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Discrimination against people of color

Mixed-Race and Rootless

Pax at age 10 (summer of 1980), with their hair in two braids and wearing a Bassett Wild Animal Farm T-shirt, sitting in the grass and being happily nibbled on by baby goats.

In today’s post on Medium, “Mixed-Race and Rootless”, I reflect on my Black and white Jewish ancestry and failure to fit in. This is the first part of a series of reflections on last month’s Creating Change Conference.

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Police Are the Mass Killers We Should Be Worried About

Benjamin Bac Sierra speaks at a podium alongside other Latino and Black activists at a San Francisco rally against police violence, March 2016.

Today’s post on Medium is “Police Are the Mass Killers We Should Be Worried About“.

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Don’t Defund, Dismantle.

[Image: Black and white line drawings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, two of many victims of anti-black racism and police violence in the United States. From the Justice For Our Lives portrait series by Oree Originol.]

Today’s post on Medium, “Don’t Defund, Dismantle“, is about radical action to end white supremacy.

On Animals, Gender, Race, and Optics

[Image: Pax poses for a photo with MahaLakshmi, a resident of PreetiRang Sanctuary. Photo by Ziggy.]

Today’s post on Medium, “On Animals, Gender, Race, and Optics“, regards my feelings about the latest Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) stunt (where one of their white activists took the mic away from Kamala Harris).

This 9/11, the terrorists I fear are at home

[Image: Sit-in during a rally against police violence, San Francisco, July 2016. One person standing holds signs reading “Say It Loud, I’m Black & I’m Proud!” and “White Supremacy Is Terrorism!”]

Today’s post on Medium, “This 9/11, the terrorists I fear are at home“, shares my memories of the day and brief thoughts about terrorism and fear.