Trans montage

Honor us in life and death

[Image: Montage featuring trans activist CeCe McDonald, ReclaimMLK marchers with a BlackTransLivesMatter slogan, and a poster for BlackTransLivesMatter Day of Action.] I'm finalizing my presentation on "Welcoming gender diversity" for next month's Intersectional Justice Conference, and a sad but … Continue reading
Geeta at Preetirang Sanctuary

Feminists, vegans, and vegetarians

[Image: Geeta, a goat at Preetirang Sanctuary.] Last week, Everyday Feminism (a site I visit frequently and highly recommend) published a video by Celia Edell entitled "Does Feminism Require Vegetarianism or Veganism?" (A text transcript is included; I read the text rather than watching the … Continue reading
S. Bear Bergman

Trans storytelling with Bear and Scott

[Image: S. Bear Bergman speaks into a microphone.] Last night I went to the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco to hear stories told by two trans men, S. Bear Bergman and Scott Turner Schofield. I'd been a fan of Bear's since reading his book The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You when I was … Continue reading
Ayr playing guitar

Music, food, and love at Omni Commons

[Image: Ayr sings and plays acoustic guitar on stage at Omni Commons. A drummer plays in the background.] On Saturday I attended a fundraiser for Omni Commons, a community center in Oakland that hosts numerous Bay Area collectives, including Food Not Bombs. My friend Saryta, whose book about … Continue reading