March for Science San Francisco

March for Science San Francisco

[Image: March for Science San Francisco attendees hold up a large banner for the event.] On Saturday, I attended the March for Science San Francisco, one of many March for Science rallies held on Earth Day throughout the world. Unlike some recent political protests I've attended, this event … Continue reading
Donald Trump on hitting DNC speakers

The silent majority of deplorables

[Image: Screenshot from NBC News of Donald Trump speaking in Iowa, with the caption "What did Donald Trump think of the third night of the DNC?" A quote from Trump reads, "I wanted to hit a couple of those speakers so hard... so hard their heads would spin they'd never recover."] Last night, … Continue reading
Eucharist at Pride

Religion and politics

[Image: Bishop Gene Robinson speaks into a microphone, accompanied by four other ministers.] Back around 1990, I took a class called "Religion and Politics" from Professor Garry Wills* at Northwestern University. The man—a practicing Catholic—was so unassuming that I mistook him for a … Continue reading
Kitchen knives

Thou shalt not kill

[Image: Assorted kitchen knives on a magnetic strip.] I'm having trouble coping in a world that seems resigned to the inevitability of killing. Deliberate, premeditated killing. Whether of our "enemies" in other countries, "thugs" on our streets, or "livestock" on our farms, there always seem to … Continue reading