Breeze at Intersectional Justice Conference

Black vegans rock the White House: A. Breeze Harper for Vice President

[Image: A. Breeze Harper speaks at the Intersectional Justice Conference.]

Some exciting news: Dr. A. Breeze Harper, my fellow Black Vegans Rock advisory board member, is now the official nominee for vice president of the Humane Party, the only political party in the USA to have veganism and animal liberation in its platform. The announcement was made yesterday:

I’ve written about Dr. Harper numerous times in this blog, most recently for International Women’s Day and the Intersectional Justice Conference. She’s one of the people I’m supporting on Patreon. Harper is not only a vegan and anti-speciesist, but also an anti-racism activist, critical race theorist, and diversity trainer. Her candidacy alongside presidential nominee Clifton Roberts makes it clear that the Humane Party is not running a single-issue campaign.

While I remain politically unaffiliated at this time, I am excited by this news, and will be following the Humane Party with great interest.

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