Pax and Hari

Animals are not “meats”

[Image: Pax with Hari, a young steer at PreetiRang Sanctuary, February 2016. Photo by Ziggy.] Today's post on Medium, "Animals are not 'meats'", expresses some of my frustrations about the humane farming myth and about animals being treated as products for human consumption. This story is … Continue reading
Protest at UN Plaza

Documenting the resistance

[Image: Protesters fill United Nations Plaza at dusk.] Today's post on Medium, "Documenting the resistance", revisits my year of protest photos. This story is unlocked, so everyone can read it; please share if you like it. My photography expenses are funded by readers. If you like my work … Continue reading

When a dog whistle becomes a siren

[Image: Sit-in on Market Street in San Francisco during a protest against racist police violence, July 2016.] Today's post on Medium, "When a dog whistle becomes a siren", is about the shithole that is the Trump administration, and those who are complicit in its support of white supremacy. This … Continue reading
Harvey at Preetirang Sanctuary

Dairy: White Lies

[Image: Harvey, a calf at Preetirang Sanctuary.] Today's post on Medium, "Dairy: White Lies", is an updated version of an article I wrote criticizing the promotion of cow's milk to people of color, most of whom are lactose intolerant - or as the Food Empowerment Project correctly puts it, … Continue reading