Trans advocate Kayley Whalen stands and speaks into a microphone while giving a presentation on trans athletes, while three seated panelists look on. The slide on the screen has text reading “Strategic Communication for Trans Inclusion in Sports”, “Whose Athletic Opportunities Matter?” “Soule et al. v. Connecticut Association of Schools et al”, a photo of athletes Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood, a photo of athlete Selina Soule, and the logos of the ACLU and Alliance Defending Freedom.

Trans Athletes and Fairness to Women

Trans advocate Kayley Whalen gives a presentation on trans inclusion in sports, alongside fellow panelists Shaira Chaer, Lex Horwitz, and Jess St. Louis.

In today’s post on Medium, “Trans Athletes and Fairness to Women”, I discuss the participation of trans and cis women in sports. This is the third part of a series of reflections on last month’s Creating Change Conference.

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