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Issues about sexual orientation, trans and nonbinary people

Want to Support Queer and Trans People? Fix Your Churches.

[Image: Members of the Coalition of Welcoming Congregations of the Bay Area attend the 2011 San Francisco Pride Parade.]

Today’s post on Medium, “Want to Support Queer and Trans People? Fix Your Churches“, is a response to the latest attack on the rights and dignity of trans people.

Transmasculine musings in the #MeToo era

[Image: Shawn Demmons and Jenna Rapues speak at the San Francisco Trans Day of Visibility celebration, March 2018.]

Today’s post on Medium, “Transmasculine musings in the #MeToo era“, is about how transgender and cisgender targets of sexual abuse and harassment can acknowledge and support each other.

This 9/11, the terrorists I fear are at home

[Image: Sit-in during a rally against police violence, San Francisco, July 2016. One person standing holds signs reading “Say It Loud, I’m Black & I’m Proud!” and “White Supremacy Is Terrorism!”]

Today’s post on Medium, “This 9/11, the terrorists I fear are at home“, shares my memories of the day and brief thoughts about terrorism and fear.

Ten years a Wikipedian

[Image: Screenshot from Pax’s Wikipedia user page, featuring various “Fun Facts” about them and a headshot.]

Today’s post on Medium, “Ten years a Wikipedian“, discusses the experiences and frustrations I’ve had as an editor of that encyclopedia, particularly since my gender transition. This story is for Medium members only, but non-members get three free stories a month, and my Patreon supporters get access to exclusive links to bypass the paywall.

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