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Bandersnatch and the Paxman

[Image: Pax stands next to a logo of a jeweler in Montréal that bears their name. Photo by Ziggy.]

Today’s post on Medium, “Bandersnatch and the Paxman“, shares thoughts on gaming, personalization, and the 1980s after watching “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”. (Contains some spoilers for that episode, which was released yesterday.)

San Francisco Is Failing Its Residents

[Image: Handmade signs bear the names of some of the over 240 San Franciscans who died on the streets in 2018.]

In today’s post on Medium, “San Francisco Is Failing Its Residents“, I share thoughts on homelesssness in San Francisco in the wake of last week’s Solstice processional in memory of those who died on the streets.

Want to Support Queer and Trans People? Fix Your Churches.

[Image: Members of the Coalition of Welcoming Congregations of the Bay Area attend the 2011 San Francisco Pride Parade.]

Today’s post on Medium, “Want to Support Queer and Trans People? Fix Your Churches“, is a response to the latest attack on the rights and dignity of trans people.

Transmasculine musings in the #MeToo era

[Image: Shawn Demmons and Jenna Rapues speak at the San Francisco Trans Day of Visibility celebration, March 2018.]

Today’s post on Medium, “Transmasculine musings in the #MeToo era“, is about how transgender and cisgender targets of sexual abuse and harassment can acknowledge and support each other.