White House Arrest

White House Arrest

[Image: Crude drawing of the White House, with barred windows and a barbed wire fence in front.] Today's post on Medium, "White House Arrest", contains brief thoughts and a little drawing reflecting my views on the Trump/Pence administration. Reminder to readers: Please follow me on … Continue reading
Trans Day of Visibility SF 2016

Respecting trans lives on Wikipedia

[Image: Four people stand on a stage in front of a screen reading "Trans Day of Visibility - Embracing Our Legacy."] Today's post on Medium, "Respecting trans lives on Wikipedia", features two new biographies of trans women, and tips for writing about trans people on Wikipedia (and elsewhere) … Continue reading

Presenting at Inclusivity Conference

[Image: Headshot of Pax (by Ziggy Tomcich) with the words "San Francisco Bay Area Inclusivity Conference - Prioritizing Harm Free(dom) For Our Future".] Update, October 15: This conference has been postponed; see explanation on Facebook. Next weekend, I will be presenting at the … Continue reading