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A Trans Girl Playing Sports Is Not An “Emergency”

Image description: Composite image of a female “Venus” symbol, soccer ball, and a map of West Virginia.

Today’s post on Medium is my response to the continued attempts to keep trans girls and women from playing women’s sports.

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Trans Takeover at Creating Change

Angelica Ross leads a trans takeover of the stage at the closing plenary of the Creating Change Conference.

Today’s post on Medium is the fourth and final part of my series of reflections on the 2023 Creating Change Conference, featuring trans actress and entrepreneur Angelica Ross.

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Christians and “Nones”: Action vs Affiliation

Reverend Roland Stringfellow speaks outdoors in San Francisco at a podium displaying the sign “Love is never wrong”, surrounded by other religious leaders. Photo © 2013 Pax Ahimsa Gethen, Funcrunch Photo.

Today’s post on Medium is about the decline of Christianity in the U.S., and why actions matter more than affiliations.