What’s cooking for World Vegan Day

[Image: A Russet potato, a red potato, and a sweet potato.]

Content note: Diet and exercise discussion.

Happy World Vegan Day! Veganism is more than a plant-based diet; it is an ethical stance against violence. But a plant-based diet is an important component of living vegan, as most of us eat multiple times a day. Every meal offers an opportunity to put ethics into action.

I’m planning to do a lot more cooking this month than I have been recently. Both Ziggy and I are concerned that we’ve been getting take-out meals too frequently, which is not good for our wallets or waistlines. Fortunately, I just received my copy of the Straight Up Food cookbook by Cathy Fisher, after contributing to her Kickstarter funding drive. I’ve enjoyed many of her recipes, which are all free of sugar, oil, and salt (“SOS-free”) in addition to being vegan.

While there’s no agreement among vegans on the healthiest way to eat, I personally feel best when sticking to a starch-centered, oil-free diet, and reducing or eliminating sugar and salt boosts the nutrient density of my meals. Eating this way gives me cleaner fuel for exercise, which I’ve had a lot of trouble sticking with. I’ve gone SOS-free for several weeks at a time with good results, but don’t anticipate sticking to that diet plan strictly right now. What’s important is that I eat more nutrient-dense, home-cooked meals, and get regular exercise.

Whatever your diet preference, if you need help going vegan, check out Let’s show love and respect for all animals not just today, but every day.