Pax and Domino at VINE Sanctuary

Radical empathy

[Image: Pax with Domino, an alpaca at VINE Sanctuary, July 2018. Photo by Ziggy.] Today's post on Medium, "Radical empathy", is about having empathy for our fellow animals, and seeing them as individuals rather than products for exploitation and … Continue reading
Pax Vegan Information Station

My adventures in animal rights activism

[Image: Pax  at their “Vegan Information Station” at the Free Farm Stand, August 2014.] Today's post on Medium, "My adventures in animal rights activism", is about my experiences participating in vegan and animal rights activism, including DxE (which I left in 2015). Reminder to readers: … Continue reading
Karen Davis and Hope Bohanec

Vegan ruminations

[Image: Hope Bohanec introduces Karen Davis, president and founder of United Poultry Concerns.] Today’s post on Medium, "Vegan ruminations", contains photos and  thoughts about the subjects raised at the 2018 Conscious Eating Conference. This story is unlocked, so everyone can read it; please … Continue reading
Pax and Hari

Animals are not “meats”

[Image: Pax with Hari, a young steer at PreetiRang Sanctuary, February 2016. Photo by Ziggy.] Today's post on Medium, "Animals are not 'meats'", expresses some of my frustrations about the humane farming myth and about animals being treated as products for human consumption. This story is … Continue reading