Pax and Domino at VINE Sanctuary

Radical empathy

[Image: Pax with Domino, an alpaca at VINE Sanctuary, July 2018. Photo by Ziggy.] Today's post on Medium, "Radical empathy", is about having empathy for our fellow animals, and seeing them as individuals rather than products for exploitation and … Continue reading
Pax Vegan Information Station

My adventures in animal rights activism

[Image: Pax  at their “Vegan Information Station” at the Free Farm Stand, August 2014.] Today's post on Medium, "My adventures in animal rights activism", is about my experiences participating in vegan and animal rights activism, including DxE (which I left in 2015). Reminder to readers: … Continue reading
Karen Davis and Hope Bohanec

Vegan ruminations

[Image: Hope Bohanec introduces Karen Davis, president and founder of United Poultry Concerns.] Today’s post on Medium, "Vegan ruminations", contains photos and  thoughts about the subjects raised at the 2018 Conscious Eating Conference. This story is unlocked, so everyone can read it; please … Continue reading
Armed police officers

Dare to disarm

[Image: Armed police officers wearing riot helmets stand ready on the UC Berkeley campus.] Today's post on Medium, "Dare to disarm",  expresses my thoughts on gun control, and my desire to eliminate all firearms from the Earth. This story is for Medium members only, but non-members get three … Continue reading