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On Animals, Gender, Race, and Optics

[Image: Pax poses for a photo with MahaLakshmi, a resident of PreetiRang Sanctuary. Photo by Ziggy.]

Today’s post on Medium, “On Animals, Gender, Race, and Optics“, regards my feelings about the latest Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) stunt (where one of their white activists took the mic away from Kamala Harris).

The Glorious Beauty of Transgender Singing

Please check out this video I made to promote my upcoming Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco concert, “OUT in the Streets” (May 31 at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music; get tickets here). Also features my other chorus, New Voices Bay Area, hosted by the Community Music Center specifically for transgender, intersex, and genderqueer singers. Detailed photo credits, transcript, and more info available on the LGCSF blog.


Bandersnatch and the Paxman

[Image: Pax stands next to a logo of a jeweler in Montréal that bears their name. Photo by Ziggy.]

Today’s post on Medium, “Bandersnatch and the Paxman“, shares thoughts on gaming, personalization, and the 1980s after watching “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”. (Contains some spoilers for that episode, which was released yesterday.)