Note on my AR affiliations

I see that Gary Francione has linked to one of my posts on abolitionist veganism, though he didn’t bother mentioning me by name. I had made a silent New Year’s resolution to stop devoting any space in my blog to this man, but I’m posting to point out a specific factual inaccuracy.

In his essay, Francione described me being a “prominent figure” in Direct Action Everywhere (DxE). It is true that I once spent a lot of time with that group, but for the reasons I posted about in September, I have not been active with DxE for several months, and have never held any official position with that group. And as I posted then, I am still not interested in either dismantling or recruiting for DxE.

As to the rest of Francione’s essay, which criticizes (amongst other people) A. Breeze Harper aka Sistah Vegan (again), Black Vegans Rock (misstating that we are willing to feature vegetarians), and the Intersectional Justice Conference I’ll be speaking at in March… I’ll just say that this man really likes the sound of his own (typed) voice. I’m going back to ignoring him.

4 thoughts on “Note on my AR affiliations”

  1. Pax I love you and you have my full support–I have learned so much from you. So has the movement. I think we have to remind ourselves that few in the movement really takes him seriously or reads those essays (to my knowledge), so it’s probably safe to ignore him as you suggest. Let me know if there is anything I can do to support you further. I’m planning on coming to that conference; I hope to meet you! <3

    1. Thanks for the support Corey. It will be great to meet you if you can come to the conference.

  2. Hey! Great to see you back online, Pax! 😀

    Francione blocked me from his FB page not too long ago for (very politely!!) calling him out on his ableism. -_-

    1. I’ve been online pretty much continually, just not active on Facebook 🙂 I’d say “Welcome to the blocked-by-Gary club”, but I’m actually not sure if I’m blocked or not, as I’ve refused to go back to his page since our falling out.

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