Did you play in the Make Love & War competition?

Yes No

If so and you're willing, please provide me your name and email.



Would you play in a Make Love & War competition again?

Anytime, anyplace
Very likely
Never again

Would you be willing to pay more for this event?

This was a total bargain and i'd be willing to pay much more next time
I'd be willing to pay a little more next time
This event was fairly priced
I think I paid too much for what I got
You'd have to pay me to come again

How much did you enjoy the following aspects of Make Love & War:

5: Enjoyed it at orgasmic levels
4: It was fun
3: Umm...
2: It was disappointing
1: It sucked hypersonic ass

The Battlefield Sports lasertag equipment we used

The location we played at

The round-robin tournament style of this event (playing with the same team against every other team once)

The number of games we played

The amount of party time between games

The total time of the event

The Capture-the-flag game format we played

The elimination game format we played (for warmup and final game)

The two-way radio headsets we used

The poly picnic party aspect of the event

The potluck food

The music

The overall organization

The staff and volunteers

Would you prefer to have your own personal secret-service style radio headset to use for the entire event, even if that meant adding $5 for the total cost?

Yes No

Did you have any negative experiences at Make Love & War?

Yes No

Did you meet anyone new at Make Love & War with whom you're keeping in touch?

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Any comments about your experiences at this event?

What recommendations would you make for our next Make Love & War?