The Equipment:


The Battlefield Sports equipment is commercial-grade & military-rated.  Each player will have a choice of 4 weapon types, a personal hat with two target sensors attached to register hits, and a radio headset to communicate with your teammates.  Weapon types include 1 M4 Carbine, 1 Commando Carbine, 3 Scorpian Uzis, and 1 Spitfire Uzi  per team. Each weapon is painted Red or Blue to indicate team and for safety.  This is serious lasertag equipment that is accurate to over 100 yards.  It's amazing and fun to play with.  These aren't toys. 



We have a permit from the San Francisco park and recs department, who are informing the police that we will be playing lasertag.  They have assured us that there will be no problems with this.  Additionally, the entire parameter of Heroes grove will be thoroughly marked with signs and banners indicating that there are lasertag games being played. 

The lasertag equipment uses only highly focused IR beams, and doesn’t emit any projectiles or lasers.  The lasertag guns themselves have been painted red & blue so they don’t look as real.  They are the same guns shown in the video and pictures, except for the color.  Each player gets a personal hat which they keep for the duration of the event.