Julie and Ziggy's After-Wedding Party

The party took place at the headquarters of the San Francisco Mime Troupe. Ziggy has worked for SFMT for the past three years, and we are very grateful to them for donating their space for us to use.

After-Party Photos and Videos

All video clips are in Real format for space reasons. Free player available for download.


Because of our deep respect for the Earth and all of its inhabitants, we are both vegetarian, leaning heavily towards vegan, and thus did not serve any animal products on our special day. We had a wonderful feast prepared by Daily Harvest Catering.

Semi-Open Mic

The highlight of the party was a musical extravaganza, featuring our talented friends, family, and ourselves!

Our headline act was Bekka's Frogland Orchestra. Read more about Bekka and her froggy friends!

Julie Bernstein has been part of a musical family since birth. Originally schooled in piano and violin, Julie dusted off her vocal chords a few years ago and began singing jazz at the Albany Adult School and (now-defunct) Anna's Bistro. She has also performed with the Berkeley Community Chorus, the Berkeley Broadway Singers, and most recently at the Blue Bear School of Music. Julie sang "Witchcraft" and "Secret Masterpieces".

Ziggy is a pianist and aspiring composer. He has also been the audio engineer for the San Francisco Mime Troupe for the last three years. His influences include Philip Glass and Tangerine Dream. Ziggy performed "Juliopolis" and "Wedding Vibe".

Martin Bernstein is a cellist and music teacher. He has performed with the Pittsburgh Ballet and Opera Orchestras and as a replacement cellist for the Pittsburgh Symphony. Marty accompanied Julie on "Secret Masterpieces".

Bethany Bernstein is a violist and full-time music teacher. She also enjoys figure skating and dancing. She and Marty gave Julie a good dose of their musical genes. Bethany danced to the song "Someday".

Al Bedrosian is a guitarist currently performing with the band Phantom City. Previously he was a member of the group Acoustic Son. He also does computer support for Julie's department at UCSF. Al accompanied Julie on "Witchcraft" and "Secret Masterpieces"

Eric Zuckerman is the MC of our semi-open mic, and also the officiant of our ceremony. He is an avid aikido practioner, photographer, scuba diver, gamer, and cyclist. He has a great sense of humor and likes the color green. Eric performed an interpretation of "Follow Your Bliss".

Beth Zuckerman is a civil libertarian, pacifist, sex-positive feminist and secular humanist who also swims, practices yoga and weight-lifting, and belly dances. She and Eric have been friends with Julie for over eight years. Beth danced to "Comme Toi" and "Falahi".

Gregor Rittinger is a hacker, hiker, singer, cycler. He shares Julie's love of music, Macs, and vegan cuisine. Gregor sang "Nature Boy", accompanied on piano by Julie.

Velina Brown is an actress and singer who starred in the 2004 San Francisco Mime Troupe production Showdown at Crawford Gulch, as well as the last umpteen Mime Troupe shows and many other productions. Velina performed her original song "And Then Came You".

Joel Fadness has played percussion for the last several Mime Troupe productions. Joel performed with Bekka's Frogland Orchestra.

Julie also prepared the mix of cool incidental music that played in between live acts.

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Wedding after-party

Wedding after-party

Wedding after-party