Julie and Ziggy's wedding ceremony

Our ceremony took place at 6 p.m. on September 25, 2004 in Shakespeare Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

Our officiant was Eric Zuckerman, who is ordained by the Universal Life Church. Eric has been a friend of Julie's (and more recently Ziggy's) for many years.

Julie's best man, Charles Koehler, has been a co-worker at UCSF for many years, and a good friend despite beating her in the 1998 office karaoke contest.

Ziggy's best man (yes, why not have two?) was Andrew Bowers, who selected Ziggy as his best man for his own wedding a couple of years ago.

Our paper invitations and timeline were designed by Ziggy's sister Signy.

Text of ceremony


Ceremony and honeymoon photos and videos

Videos are in Real format for space reasons. Free player available for download.

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Wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony