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I am agender; I identify as neither a woman nor a man, nor anything in-between. I prefer "singular they" pronouns. I consider the gender binary to be entirely artificial and arbitrary. There are an infinite number of potential genders besides those which are legally recognized.

My gender is separate from my sex and sexual orientation. I am a transsexual male, and my sexual orientation is queer.

I strongly support equal rights in everything for all people regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or sex, and am ashamed that I live in a society where the necessity of such rights is questioned at all, by anyone.

I am also polyamorous. I believe people should be entirely free to choose with whom they have intimate relationships, as long as all partners are consenting adults.

I long for a world where we are not labelled by our sexual preference or marital status, but interact naturally and fluidly with our fellow humans, enjoying both physical and emotional pleasure without artificial boundaries imposed by society.

Photo by Larry Colen, April 2005.

Photo by Larry Colen, April 2005. home

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