I used to have a site called enyadatta. The name came from this story.

I terminated the enyadatta.com domain name in May 2003 due to overwhelming amounts of spam. I wanted to bring back some of the information from that site, particularly my research on censorship. Please note however that the information below is now very out of date, the research was done in 1990-92.

As a college student I became very interested in civil liberties - specifically, that area of constitutional law that focuses on the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and religion. Much of my research focused on ethics and constitutional law, particularly the issue of censorship. My senior thesis pulled together this research in a study of the constitutionality of feminist anitpornography legislation.

Today I am no longer engaged in academic research, but the issue of censorship is as important to me as ever. Concerned parents and conservatives who fear the rise of obscenity on the "information superhighway" seek to put up roadblocks to stifle legitimate expression. More and more internet services go commercial, generating further censorship to avoid displeasing customers. The internet threatens to fall entirely to the hands of special interests who would dictate what we should think and write.

I hope that concerned citizens will find thought-provoking information in my research. The key to resolving any conflict is unfettered discussion. Please discuss these issues. Don't just look for easy solutions - the dialogue itself is what's worthwhile.

Censorship for Equality: A Feminist Approach to Pornography

FCC Regulation of Broadcast Indecency

Censorship and the Courts: The Persistence of Judicial Authority in Public School Library Management (coming eventually)

Last modified April 5, 2009

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