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For ten years I made a living as a web developer for the University of California, San Francisco. I was emphatically a developer, not a designer. I know little about graphics and don't care much about fonts or color choices. I concentrate on the backend, making sure the site works, links don't break, and the code is valid HTML. I dislike graphic-intensive pages, preferring simple, uncluttered, functional sites like Google.

Besides HTML, my computing skills currently include PHP, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux and Mac OS X system administration, Drupal content management, and video and audio editing with Final Cut Studio.

I used the Mac OS as my primary operating system from 1992 to 2010. I then migrated to Ubuntu Linux for nearly everything except multimedia work and Quicken for a couple of years, before returning to the Mac OS.

Software I rely on includes BBEdit for text editing (including HTML), Thunderbird for e-mail, Firefox for web browsing, and Quicken for financial management (the only program I currently run on Windows). On the creative front, I use Adobe Lightroom for photo processing, Final Cut Studio for video and audio editing, and Sibelius for music transcription and composition.

I have profiles on many social networking sites, linked from my Google Profile.

I enjoy computer gaming. My favorite game ever is NetHack, a highly addictive single-player dungeon adventure that is also open-source. I began playing on a public server in January 2007 and my stats are available there. I have also spent many hours playing SimCity and The Sims (all three major versions and most of the expansions).

Winning Nethack game

My final move in my winning vegetarian weaponless Monk Nethack game. home

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