From J to Z: Timeline of selected events Ziggy and Julie at Live Oak Park, September 16, 2001

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Pittsburgh, PA February 3, 1970 Julie is born
Oceanside, CA December 19, 1972 Ziggy is born
Pittsburgh, PA 1973 Julie begins to learn the violin and piano
West Liberty, WV 1974 Julie moves to West Virginia
Arlington, VA 1975 Ziggy moves to Virginia
Pittsburgh, PA 1982 Julie sings and plays violin in first full-length musical, The Prince and The Pauper
Pittsburgh, PA 1982 Julie moves back to Pennsylvania
Arlington, VA 1983 Ziggy learns to play the trumpet
Pittsburgh, PA July, 1985 Julie plays Lucy in scene from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown on teen talk show No Kidding (hosted by Joe Negri)
Arlington, VA 1986 Ziggy teaches himself to play the piano
Pittsburgh, PA 1986 Julie begins providing piano accompaniment for Pittsburgh Playhouse theatre school
Ocean City, MD August, 1988 Ziggy experiences his first game of Photon at a lasertag arena in OceanCity, and falls in love with it.
Evanston, IL Sepember, 1988 Julie enrolls at Northwestern University
Wheaton, MD 1989 Ziggy gets a job at a Photon lasertag arena in Wheaton, where he gets the 'Ziggy' alias
Arlington, VA December 25, 1989 Ziggy becomes a vegetarian
Chicago, IL Summer, 1991 Julie wins summer internship with American Bar Foundation; assists with research on jury instructions
Fairfax, VA September, 1991 When enrolling in college at George Mason University, decides the name Ziggy is more fitting, decides to keep it.
Evanston, IL January, 1992 Julie becomes a vegetarian and a Buddhist
Evanston, IL June, 1992 Julie graduates from Northwestern with a BA in American Culture and departmental honors
Berkeley, CA August, 1992 Julie enrolls in UC Berkeley PhD program in Jurisprudence and Social Policy on full academic fellowship
Berkeley, CA December, 1992 Julie drops out of UC Berkeley due to illness
Berkeley, CA January, 1993 Julie begins doing clerical work for UC Berkeley
Fairfax, VA August, 1993 By several shakes of an 8-ball, Ziggy determines his major in college and the fate of his career.
Laurel, MD May, 1994 Ziggy begins working as conceptual designer for the new Photon.
Berkeley, CA Summer, 1994 Julie learns how to write HTML at a Berkeley Macintosh User Group meeting, thus setting the stage for her future career
Berkeley, CA November, 1995 Julie begins providing Macintosh technical support as part of UC Berkeley Letters and Sciences Computer Resources
Fairfax, VA August, 1996 Ziggy graduates from George Mason with a BA in Theatre Tech
Laurel, MD November, 1996 A new Photon lasertag center designed by Ziggy opens its doors in Laurel MD.
El Cerrito, CA July 26, 1997 Julie marries first husband Robert
Fairfax, VA September 1997 Ziggy begins working for George Mason University Concert Hall
Oakland, CA June, 1998 Julie begins competing in Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders races
San Francisco, CA August, 1998 Julie begins doing web development for UC San Francisco
Fairfax, VA September 1998 Ziggy enrolls in graduate classes at GMU to help develop skills as a music composer
Berkeley, CA September, 1999 Ziggy moves out to the San Francisco Bay area to begin working for the Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Carlsbad, CA January, 2000 Julie completes San Diego Half Marathon
Albany, CA March, 2000 Julie begins taking vocal jazz workshops at the Albany Adult School
San Francisco, CA May, 2000 Ziggy begins working for the International Alliance of Theatrical Stagehands and Electricians (IATSE local 16)
Philadelphia, PA September, 2000 Ziggy goes out on his first two touring theatrical productions with American Family Theatre
Berkeley, CA April, 2001 Julie files for divorce
Berkeley, CA March, 2001 Julie finishes revising Internet chapter of Mac OS X Bible by Lon Poole (published January 2002)
Berkeley, CA June, 2001 Julie sings with the Albany Jazz Project at the opening of the Berkeley Arts Festival
Berkeley, CA September 4, 2001 Julie and Ziggy meet
Berkeley, CA May, 2002 Julie moves in with Ziggy
San Francisco, CA Summer, 2002 Ziggy begins working for the San Francisco Mime Troupe
San Francisco, CA June, 2003 Julie and Ziggy move to San Francisco
Somewhere above Colorado November 27, 2003 Ziggy proposes to Julie

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