Trans resistance and resilience

[Image: Mikaela Kendrick sings at the 2017 Transgender Day of Remembrance event at the San Francisco LGBT Center.]

Today’s post on Medium, “Trans resistance and resilience“, is about the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. I attended and took photos at Monday’s event in San Francisco. Please follow me on Medium and help amplify trans voices.

To see and be seen clearly

[Image: Self-portrait of the author wearing glasses.]

Today’s post on Medium, “To see and be seen clearly“, is my perspective on the necessity of medical treatment for gender dysphoria. This story is for Medium members, but non-members with (free) Medium accounts get three free members-only stories a month. My Patreon supporters also get access to exclusive drafts. Please share and help amplify trans voices for Transgender Awareness Week.

System working as intended

[Image: Protesters speak at a Refuse Fascism rally in Union Square, San Francisco.]

Today’s post on Medium, “System working as intended“, contains photos from the November 4 Refuse Fascism protest in San Francisco (full set here) and thoughts on politics, religion, violence, and the need for a peaceful revolution.

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